National Cuisines of Kyrgyzstan
Tatar Cuisine

The start of any celebration for the Tatars is an invitation to the special tea table. Guests should arrive simultaneously, and are first invited to sit at the tea table upon arrival. There is a great assortment of pastries and confectionery in Tatar cuisine for the hosts to choose between to accompany the tea. This can be different variations of unleavened breads, fried in bubbling oil (urama – long strips of pastry, arranged in rings like a rose; Kush tele – small pieces of fried pastry which look like abird’s head; paramyach – a Tatar like an open pie; chak-chak – pastry straws fried in oil and coated with a honey-sugar syrop with the addition of raisins and walnuts) or lyavash cakes made with fillings such as apple or aubergine. Uchpuchmak, baked by the hostess, with fillings of meat and mixed vegetables (e.g. finely chopped gourds). In this list of baked products are also vak balish, small round pies with a small hole at the top.

The Kyuiyo paramyach is particular kind of meat pie. This dish is prepared the day after a wedding feast, especially for the brother-in-law (although they are offered to all guests on that day). In appearance it is similar to the paramyach, but smaller. These small pies first fried in boiling oil to a brownish colour, then stuffed with meat.

Among the main dishes of Tatar cuisine are tukmyach (homemade noodles with meat and vegetables), tatyrgan tavuk (stuffed chicken), djatlama (steamed roll), arzu (meat with vegetables), kaldja (meat roll). In Tatarstan, itself (in Russia), especially in those areas that border the Volga River, fish dishes are prepared.


Acknowledgements: The Public Association “Cultural Centre of the Bashkhirs and Tatars in Kyrgyzstan “Tugan Tel”, Tel.: (0312) 660880, for providing the text; Nailya Harrasova, Gulsun Gafurova, Sagyida Nagmanova and SakineGibajdulina in facilitating the photography.