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Variations of this dish of unleavened dough with different fillings can be found amongst many of the world’s peoples. In Kyrgyz kitchen the filling is traditionally meat with vegetables – mostly onions, both cultivated and wild varieties. In the South of the country greenery, (spices and herbs), are used more widely, and Pumpkin, (which is used widely in pelmeni, Manty, Oromo, meat and other dishes).

Oromo could be a good alternative for vegetarian or other special diets – since it is steamed and the fillings can be simply vegetables rather than meat. Oromo can be served with a variety of sauces made from fresh tomato puree with spices, airan (yogurt or sour milk) mixed with finely chopped greens and different spices.


For the dough: Flour – 500 g; water – 200 ml; eggs – 1; salt – 1 teaspoonful

For the filling:Meat, (lamb) – 300 g; onions – 3, medium sized; black pepper – half a teaspoonful; salt – 10 g.

According to taste, it is possible to add finely cut pumpkin and / or potatoes

Serves 4 people.


Step 1. Dissolve the salt in warm water. Add the flour and egg and mix into a soft dough. Leave to stand for 30 minutes under a cloth, (or place into a plastic bag).





Step 2. Dice the meat and onion. Put them into a dish and add salt and pepper. At this point it is possible to add 50 ml of water.






Step 3. Roll the dough to a thickness of about 2-3 mm. Lay the filling on the rolled dough and spread across the surface. Roll the dough into a roulette, (a roll like a Swiss Roll).





Step 4. Brush the steamer with oil, (see the photograph). Lay the roulette in the steamer, carefully bending it into a circle so that the filling does not fall out. Cover with a lid and place on the heat to boil the water. Steam for 30-40 minutes. When ready, place onto a dish and cut into pieces. Serve hot.