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Doughs occupy an important place in Kyrgyz cuisine. Popular ancient ritual dish–boorsok– is cut pieces ofrolled dough deep fried in oil.This is a traditional table “decoration”. They are produced in large quantities and spread over the dastorkon (tablecloth) at every major celebration.





Ingredients: 750 g. flour, 10 g dry yeast, 100 ml water, 12 g salt, 25 g sugar, 50g margarine, 2 eggs, 200 ml milk, 100 ml vegetable oil 






Step 1. Break and beat the eggs. In warm water pour warm milk (40° C) and the beaten egg. Add the sugar, salt, yeast and mix until they have all dissolved. Add the flour, and during the stirring add the melted margarine. Place the soft dough in a warm place to stand for 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time, it is necessary to knead the dough 2 or 3 times.



Step 2. The prepared dough should be divided into 3 equal parts and put under a cloth or in a plastic bag. Part of the dough should be rolled to a thickness of 5 mm. Cut the rolled dough into strips about 4 cm wide. Each strip should then be cut diagonally into pieces, also about 4 cm wide. Place the cut pieces onto a dry wooden or porcelain surface.




Step 3. Pour the vegetable oil into a metal dish with thick walls, (Kazan or kettle), and heat it. Afterwards, when the oil begins to smoke, lower 5-6 pieces of the prepared dough mix into the oil and stir gently, rotating them so as to roast them on all sides. When the boorsok are fried to a golden colour on all sides, put them in a colander to drain off the excess oil. Before serving, they can be sprinkled with powdered sugar.