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There is a great variety of dishes made from grain. An option suggested below (talkan) does not require heating, a lot of time or great expense. Talkan prepared in such a way can be kept in a cool place for a long time which makes it very suitable for express cookery.


Ingredients: Grain (talkan) of 2 kinds - corn and wheat in equal parts - 500 g, honey - 100 g, a pat of butter - 100 g.

This recipe is for 6 people.




Step 1. Empty the talkan into a frying pan and fry until it's golden brown. Allow it to cool to room temperature.







Step 2. Put the fried talkan into a deep bowl, add the honey and pat of butter. Stir well.







Step 3. Form sticks from the ready paste. Lay on a porcelain plate.

Tips: Since this dish is very high in calories, it can be served as a breakfast or used while traveling. Goes well with milk. Can also be served as a dessert.