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Milk products have long occupied an important place in the diet of the Kyrgyz and today, also, various dairy products and dishes are popular in Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, at the present time, it is possible to enrich their taste with different flavourings, from piquant herbs to fruit syrups.





Ingredients: Fatty airan (no less than 3,2% fat content) - 1 liter, salt to taste. You will also need a textile bag for decantation of the liquid.





Step 1. Wash and iron a textile bag. Pour airan into it. Tie the bag well and hang it above a bowl, as shown in the photograph.

Step 2. During the course of approximately 10 hours, excess liquid will flow from the bag into the bowl below. At the end of this period there should be a dense homogenous mass in the bag.




Step 3. Put ready suzmio into a bowl. Optional: add salt to taste.


Tip: The consistency of the suzmio can be adjusted - if you need it to be denser, keep the bag suspended for a longer time.