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Milk products have long occupied an important place in the diet of the Kyrgyz and today, also, various dairy products and dishes are popular in Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, at the present time, it is possible to enrich their taste with different flavourings, from piquant herbs to fruit syrups.





Ingredients: Water - 1 liter, suzmio (see the recipe under the letter "S") - 0,5 kg, salted to taste.

This recipe is for 6-8 people.





Step 1. Put the suzmio into a deep bowl, leaving enough space for the water (1 liter), add some water, (about 1 glass).






Step 2. Mix the suzmio and water thoroughly, into a homogeneous mass without clots. Finally, there must be a creamy mixture.






Step 3. Add the rest of water to the mixture and stir everything well once again. Add salt to taste. Serve cool.

Tip: Tap water can be replaced with mineral water.