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This is one of traditional Kyrgyz dishes, which is still popular today. Entrails prepared in such a way are often used for table decoration during special occasions. Especially skilful cooks can make of them cylinder-, bird- or snake-like constructions.

sheep's entrails (lungs, intestines and offal of 1 sheep), salt to taste, black and red ground pepper.

This recipe is for 6-8 people.


Step 1. Wash the entrails thoroughly and put them into a large bowl. Cut the lungs and offal into long strips of about 2-2,5 cm wide. Salt and pepper ready strips.





Step 2. Fold each strip in two or three, depending on the desirable length and width. Two people are needed for braiding the giorgom. One holds the strips suspended at a place of their bend, the other twines the intestines around them, as shown in the photograph. Pass the end of a gut through a loop, tighten up well.




Step 3. Put the braid in a large saucepan with salted water. Bring to the boil, remove any scum. Boil until it's ready (about 2,5 hours).






Step 4. Take the boiled giorgom out of the saucepan, and let it cool. Cut into portioned slices and lay down on a big plate. Garnish with herbs and fresh vegetables.

Tip: It is possible to adjust the length and the width of the giorgom. If you need a longer braid, then strips cut from intestines and offal are folded double. If the strips are folded in three, then you will have a shorter braid of a bigger diameter.