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A simple salad to prepare, it has its own special taste. It is especially good in a combination to meat and rice. If more onions, marinated in the juice from the tomatoes, are added to Shakarap, it will produce a pleasant subtle taste.




Ingredients: Tomatoes – 0.5 kg; onions – 2, average size; red and black ground pepper; salt to taste.

This recipe is for 4 persons.

Method: As shown in the photographs below.



Step 1. Washed the tomatoes cut into halves, then cut into thin slices.

Step 2. Peel the onions and cut into half-rings. Mix in a dish.





Step 3. Add the salt and pepper to the tomato and onion mix. Can be served either in individual dishes or a general dish, to accompany meat and rice dishes, (such as Plov).