National Cuisines of Kyrgyzstan
Gallery of Recipes

In this section there are recipes of some dishes from the national cuisines which are featured on this site. To make it easier to search, recipes are divided into alphabetical order of the names of the dishes. It should be noted that, because of differences between the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, the name of the same dishes in English, French and Russian can begin with different symbols, (for example, the word «шорпо» in Cyrillic will be written from the letter «ш», and in the Latin alphabet – from a combination of letters «sh», shorpo or «ch», chorpo). If you experience difficulties in searching for a particular recipe / dish, then take advantage of the search function (at the bottom of page). Drinks are designated by a sign * after the name.

At the moment, the “Gallery of recipes” includes only dishes of Kyrgyz cuisine. In due course, details and recipes representing the cuisine of other nationalities in Kyrgyzstan will be posted.